Mental Health Matters: How to Better Protect Your Healthcare Staff

Recognizing the signs of burnout

It’s near impossible to support your employees’ mental well-being unless you know what signs to watch out for. This isn’t to say you should wait for signs of burnout before you intervene, of course. Being proactive, rather than reactive, is the goal. But many healthcare executives don’t even realize what burnout looks like.

Encourage self-care

Some employees believe so much in their mission that they prioritize everyone else’s needs above their own. Healthcare workers are among the most devoted, loving, and selfless people I’ve met, but putting themselves last is the worst thing they can do for themselves and their patients. By not taking care of their mental health, these employees can actually impair their quality of care, lower their patient satisfaction ratings, and lose their compassion and passion for the job.

Value their sacrifices

Appreciation for healthcare workers often gets left unsaid, but healthcare executives must begin to recognize and vocalize the sacrifices and hard work of their staff. Recent studies show this recognition can actually boost resilience and help combat burnout. You can do this during one-on-one meetings or in department meetings, but just letting your employees know that you see, hear, and value them can help them get through the particularly difficult periods of the job.



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Avi Philipson

Avi Philipson

Avi Philipson serves as the Head of Operations at Axis Health, a leading consulting company trusted by skilled nursing facilities in Maryland and New Hampshire.